Still Have Good Times

Yesterday and today I sent an update to our children as well as a couple of close friends. It was a more negative update than I have written prior to this time. I feel a need to note that we can still have good moments. It has been a cold day. I fixed a fire this morning, and we sat in front of the fireplace until lunch. I was working on my computer and she on her iPad. Then we went to Applebee’s for lunch. Our favorite server took our order. We always chat a little with her. Other employees are also familiar with us and greeted us warmly when we entered. We enjoyed our meals and had a very pleasant time together. After eating we dropped by Walgreen’s to get a few things,

I got an email reply from a friend whose wife also has AD. He suggested that I look into Kate’s medications and make an appointment with a neurologist. As I have done for the last 3 doctor’s appointments, I plan to write an update for Dr. Reasoner, Kate’s doctor. In addition to giving her an update, I plan to address the medications and the neurologist. In particular, I have wondered about the need for Kate to continue with her Prempro that is supposed to address her hot flashes.

I have never felt the need for a neurologist before. The problems we have encountered have appeared to be the expected ones. We have been able to live fulfilling lives. Kate’s current status is causing me to reconsider. I am aware that Sharon Billings regularly used a neurologist. Virginia and Ken also use a neurologist. I still am not convinced that this is all that important, but I would hate to discover that I could have prevented a problem by seeing one. One of the reasons that I have not wanted to pursue one is that Kate does not like to focus on her illness. This sounds like devoting more attention that she would like.

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