From Asheville

Shortly after my previous post, Kate came into the kitchen dressed in the same clothes she had worn yesterday and slept in last night. I told her that I planned for us to go to Panera at 9:00 to get her a muffin and from there to Asheville. She went to the back of the house. I thought she had gone to get ready. About 8:40, I went back to check on her and found her in the bed in our bedroom working on her iPad. I reminded her we were leaving. She got up. I had already gotten some slacks out for her to wear. I gave her a couple of options on a top. Then we went to Panera. She seemed in a good humor though she didn’t talk very much. We spoke very little in the car on the way here. We went to lunch at The Blackbird, and we both had good meals. She seemed to perk up.

We had not been able to get into a room before lunch. It wasn’t too long after lunch that one was available. She is happy and resting in the bed right now as I work on my iPad. I am looking forward to a good dinner tonight and a good performance of A Chorus Line.