D. My Thoughts on Somebody Stole My Iron by Vicki Tapia


If you are a caregiver for someone with dementia and looking for encouragement with the issues you face, you will find a friend in Vicki Tapia’s story.

I’ve read over thirty books written by caregivers or people with dementia. I don’t know that I have encountered another in which the caregiver is confronted with as many of the classic challenges as this author.  She was a caregiver to her mother (dementia) and father (Parkinson’s and dementia) – and at the same time.  In addition, she also dealt with such issues as parents and children working, or not working, together, coordinating with siblings, deciding on the best setting for care, medications, working with staff to insure the highest level of care, and a host of other issues. Tapia has skillfully told her story in a way that gives the reader a feeling of knowing exactly what she was going through. I found her account of her mother’s last few days particularly touching. It brought back vivid memories of my own father’s passing.

The author learned a lot while caring for her parents and passes along the critical lessons at the end of most chapters. After reading her story, you may feel that your own situation is not as difficult as you thought. You may also come away with a sense of hope as you face your own challenges as a caregiver.