I don’t think I have written much about Kate’s problem with salivation, but it has gone on for at least a couple of months, possibly more. The symptom that most people are likely to notice is that she goes through paper products right and left. When we are in a restaurant, she uses the paper napkins give to us. That includes both the napkin to use with the meal as well as the small cocktail napkin that often serves as a coaster for our drinks. She goes through hers rather quickly. Then she gets my cocktail napkin(s). At home she uses Kleenex and toilet paper and paper towels.

At first, I interpreted this as an acid reflux issue. I even sent a message to her doctor describing it as a reflux issue. Dr. Reasoner told me to double her reflux medication. If that didn’t work, she said to try an antihistamine which I did. She also suggested a diet change, but I’ve not tried that. I don’t think Kate is ready for that.

After months of this, I have decided that the problem is that Kate has forgotten that we swallow our saliva. She doesn’t like to do that. I decided this after watching her carefully all this time. I see no physical signs of reflux
A week ago I mentioned to Kate that she used to swallow her saliva. I also asked if this bothered her. She acknowledged that it does. She even agreed to try to swallow rather than spit. It seemed like she was having some success. It wasn’t that she swallowed all the time but that she at least did it sometimes. Now she seems to have gone back to her old ways. The big exception is when she focuses on something. Right now she is working a jigsaw puzzle on her iPad. She is not spitting out any saliva. I’ve observed her outside pulling leaves and pruning. It appears that she does not spit. It also seems like the most typical time for this is when we go out to eat. Of course, that is the time that I have the longest period to observe her.

At the moment, I don’t know what else to do. I think I will continue to mention that she can try to swallow and see what happens. Otherwise, it may simply run its course.