5. Our Family and Friends

Although you will discover that I often provide the reader with our connection to each person who is mentioned, I thought it might be helpful for me to list the names of people who appear most often in our story.

Our Family

Kate Creighton, my wife
Jesse Brewer and Greg Brewer, our daughter and her husband
Randy and Ron Brewer, Jesse and Greg’s sons
Kevin and Rachel Creighton, our son and his wife
Brian, Heather, and Taylor Creighton, Kevin and Rachel’s children
Lila Livingston and Jerry Livingston, Rachel’s mother and father
Ken Franklin and Virginia, Franklin Kate’s brother and his wife
Larry Creighton, My brother

Our Friends

Ellen Seacrest, Kate’s very close friend
Scott and Jan Greeley, College friends
Tom and Angie Robinson, College friends
Bruce and Debbie Morton, College friends
Ann and Jeff Davis, Former Knoxville and UT friends
Gary Dinkins, Childhood friend of mine
Carter Owens, Childhood friend of mine