Wondering When to Bring in Help

The past couple of weeks have been busier for me than usual. I accepted a request to serve as program committee chair for a dinner honoring our former pastor on May 17. I selected a great committee, but there are still things that require some extra involvement on my part. At the same time my responsibilities on a United Way committee that is working to engage more of our retirees to continue their relationship with UW through volunteering and financial contributions. We are hosting a luncheon on May 1 to be a kick off event in the recruitment of charter members of a new affinity group for retirees. I will be the moderator for that event. In addition, we have conducted a brief survey. I have been involved with those efforts as well.

This coming Monday is our annual Rotary golf tournament. I have always served as a volunteer and signed up this year. I am becoming more sensitive about leaving Kate. I have not seen any special signs that she might wander away, but I know that she can’t remember where I am. That could mean she worries while I am away.

For the first time, I am thinking about asking a couple of friends if they might help out when I need to be away. It would be especially nice if I could find someone who would take Kate to lunch each Monday when I attend Rotary. I have two possibilities. One is friend whom we have known from the early 70s when I was at UT. We are having lunch with her today. The other is staff member at our church. She is a friend of Kate’s. They became quite close when Kate was the church librarian. She is still working part-time and has expressed an interest in helping Kate. I might call on her.

I don’t think Kate would accept a caregiver right now, but she would easily accept someone she knows. She would actually love that.