Patience in Short Supply

We were at Denny’s today. It was cold inside. Kate couldn’t wait to order. She wanted her coat right then. I went out to the car and got it. The irony is that I wait and wait for her because she moves so slowly, but when she wants something, she wants it “now.”

Traveling in Peru and Ecuador

Kate and I have typically traveled on our own. The major exception was our trip to Tanzania. We are now at the end of a trip to South America (Peru, Manchu Pichu, the Amazon, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands). Here are a couple of observations.

Traveling with a group requires a schedule. Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) clearly understands this. This meant each of our days has been planned, and we are all expected to comply. That has been a challenge for Kate. She can’t remember the schedule at all and depends solely on me to get her places on time.  Since she is not naturally punctual, this has been something of a problem.

The biggest problem for me is getting ready for everything. She never wants to get packed before going to bed. That means getting up earlier than I want and being rushed to be on time for our departure. We have had numerous early departures. Tomorrow we leave hotel at 5:30. When I suggested getting back to the hotel to prepare packing for tomorrow, she didn’t want to do it. This has been a pattern throughout the trip.

The trip, by the way, has been fantastic, but I don’t plan to make any more group trips, possibly fewer international trips if at all.