A Day of Confusion

Kate and I are both trying to recover from colds we got late last week. She got hers about 2 days later than I, but hers was more severe. Sunday (2 days ago) was very hard for her. She moaned and groaned very audibly. She often does this anyway, but this was much louder and more intense. She was miserable. Fortunately, today has been much better though as I write this post, she is saying, “Oh, Oh, Uh . . .” She sounds as those she is in serious pain. I am hoping tomorrow is closer to a normal one.

By that I mean our “new normal.” Given Kate’s decline, our normal is quite different than it was even 3-6 months ago. Today she has experienced several moments of confusion. This morning, for example, as we were getting ready for lunch, she said she was going to get her clothes and take a shower before leaving. In a few minutes, she came back to the bedroom where I was dressing and asked, “Did you say you laid out my clothes for me?” I told her that I hadn’t. This was apparently one of those occasions when she thought I had told her something but hadn’t. I can’t remember them now, but she mentioned 2-3 other things that she thought I had said.

This afternoon we went to her dentist to pick up her new night guard. She had lost the other one a while back and has been using a temporary one since a week or so before we left for our cruise in January. While she was with the dentist, I went over to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. I got a call that she was ready. When I walked in the door, I walked over to Kate and planned to leave. Kate told me that the dentist was going to come out and explain something. We waited about 10 minutes. Finally one of the women behind the counter called to us. I told her we were waiting on the dentist. She told me that Kate was all finished and that we were free to go.

Shortly after returning home from dinner this evening, Kate called to me. She said, she had left her night guard at the restaurant. She described to me how she had taken it out of her mouth, wrapped it in a napkin, and put it on the table. She just knew that it had been picked up and thrown out as trash. I called the restaurant to see if our server might have found it. She had not. I told them we had just picked it up this afternoon and that it cost almost $600. The person on the phone said they would be happy to look in the trash. Before I could answer, I could hear Kate calling to me that she had found it. It was in its container. I suspect this is only the beginning of many such occurrences.