Communication Issues

We are back from PEO and lunch. As I we got close the  home where today’s meeting was held, Kate spoke my cell phone number. It was not correct; so I corrected her. Then I said maybe I should write it down. She said that would be a good idea. It turned out that I didn’t have anything to write with; so we rehearsed the number several times. She also asked me what to say if someone asked her about our cruise. I told her to say, “We went on a Caribbean cruise.”“She liked that. I felt bad for her because she has never felt the need to ask my number before. In addition, her asking about the cruise suggests to me that she continues to be alert to the fact that she is less able to remember things. I know this must create a good bit of stress, discomfort, and, possibly, fear.

Shortly after 11:00, she called me to say she was ready to be picked up. I was at Starbucks. I said goodbye, and started to leave. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I received another call from Kate. She said she was sorry, but the program just began. I turned and went back to Starbucks where I waited for another call that she was ready. When the call had not come after 12:00, I decided to leave and head toward house where the meeting was held. I figured Kate would probably call while I was on the way. When I arrived, all the cars were gone. I went to the door and rang the bell. I discovered quickly the meeting had been over for some time but Kate had not called. The hostess said encouraged Kate to call me, but Kate said she had called me and that I was on the way. It was 12:50 when I arrived. My guess is that the meeting had been over more than an hour. It had been a long wait for her, and she was not happy with me. She thinks I said I was coming but didn’t. The truth is that the communication was unclear. I thought she would call me back when the meeting was over. She thought that I would come ahead.

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