Coordinating Can Be Challenging

Last night I told Kate that our Y breakfast was today.  She likes to attend, but she also likes to sleep in the morning. The past 2-3 months we have not made it because she didn’t want to get up. Thus, last night I asked her if she really wanted me to get her up. She said she did.

At 7:00, I woke her up and asked if she still wanted to go to breakfast. She groaned but said she did. I turned on the TV and started changing from my walking clothes to my regular clothes for the day. She got up and went back to her room. When I finished dressing, I went to the kitchen where she was getting some apple juice and yogurt. I reminded her of the breakfast. She had forgotten. By this time it was 7:20. I told her we would leave in about 20 minutes. As she headed toward our bedroom with her yogurt and apple juice, she said, “I’m going to eat my breakfast.” I reminded her that we were going to the Y breakfast. She had forgotten again. I reminded her that we were leaving in 20 minutes. At 7:45, I went to our bedroom to see if she were ready. She was sound asleep in bed. I went back to the kitchen to fix my breakfast. I suspect we won’t go back to the monthly breakfast together. I believe I will go back at a later time when I have care for Kate during the morning hours

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