Travel and Confusion

Kate and I returned home from Asheville this afternoon. Since our arrival around 2:15, she has been outside. That’s two hours. I believe this will be therapeutic for her. I was not surprised to discover that her confusion continued this morning. This is even easier to understand because she woke up in a somewhat dark room without knowing where she was. After we got beyond that, it was obvious that she was not in a cheerful mood. My morning cheerfulness and expressions of love and affection were not welcome. She wasn’t mean-spirited at all. She just wanted quiet.

When she was dressed, I took her to the lobby for breakfast. She didn’t show much interest in anything but picked up a pastry. I pointed in the direction of a table and said, “Let’s sit at that table over there.” She obviously missed that and didn’t follow me to the table. I looked around and saw that she had taken a seat at another table close to where we had been standing. I brought her over to the table where I had put her breakfast. She didn’t converse much which is not unusual at all, but she just didn’t look cheerful. After breakfast, we decided to return to Knoxville without having lunch in Asheville.

As we drove out of town, I tried to cheer her up. I said something about our having had a good time and how much we had enjoyed the hotel, the meals, and the play. She wasn’t very responsive. Once on the highway, I reached across the console and put my hand on her leg. She lifted my hand up and pushed it away.

About an hour into the trip, she was restless. I decided to take a lunch break. I didn’t want to take a long time; so I stopped at Wendy’s. I asked her if she would like a chicken sandwich or a hamburger. She said, “I don’t care. Just order for me.” We sat quietly through lunch and then continued home. Although she didn’t say much, she appeared to be in a better mood when we reached home. It is unusual for her to be in a depressed mood this long. I am eager to see how she feels when she comes in for dinner.

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