More Frustration, Boredom, and Discouragement

Kate was up early again this morning and ready for Panera. She is not in a good mood. She is depressed. As usual, she won’t talk about it at all. She just shrugs her shoulders when I ask what is wrong, how I can help, etc. We spent an hour and a half at Panera before she wanted to come home. She is in bed resting. I am going to get her up in a few minutes to take her to lunch.

I have also bought tickets to a movie at 3:00 this afternoon. This is a movie she told me Friday she didn’t want to see. I am going to try it anyway as a diversion, a way to get her someplace other than home or Panera or one of our restaurants.

Coupled with her boredom this week has been more irritability than usual. In fact, I have observed what I take to be less humor in responding to me and a more genuine expression of irritation with me.

I can’t recall a week during which she has been this way before. I must admit to being discouraged this moment. I am hoping she bounces back soon but also worried that I am seeing signs of a further transition.