A Taste of This Morning’s Conversation

At almost 9:00 this morning, I saw that Kate was getting out of bed. I went to her and asked what I could do for her. She asked me to get her clothes. I asked if she wanted to take a shower first. She did, and we walked to the bathroom. As I started to get the shower ready for her, she took off her night gown, and we had the following conversation.

Kate:              “What is your name?”

Richard:        “Richard.”

Kate:              “What’s your full name?”

Richard:        “Richard Lee Creighton.”

Kate:              “What’s my name?”

Richard:        “Katherine Franklin Creighton.”

Kate:              “That sounds right. And who are you?”

Richard:        “I’m your husband.”

Kate:              “Noooo.”

Richard:        “Let’s talk about that later. Why don’t you take your shower now.”

Kate:              (Getting into the shower) “Who are you?”

Richard:        “Do you think I’m a friendly guy?”

Kate:              “Yes.”

Richard:        “I’m your husband.”

Kate:              (Puzzled look) “Okay. <pause> What’s your name?”

Richard:        “Richard Lee Creighton.”

Kate:              “What should I call you?”

Richard:        “Richard.”

After her shower, she went back to bed for about forty-five minutes. Then she got up to dress. She didn’t ask my name or who I am. She acted as though she knew. I wanted to ask but didn’t. I think she knew.

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