Would you believe a fourth trip to see the Mr. Rogers’ documentary?

We had a full but very nice day yesterday. Kate was up early enough for us to make our trip to Panera, something that has been off and on lately. We were there about an hour and a half before leaving for lunch at Bluefin. From there we came back home for almost an hour before leaving for a movie.

When we were with our friends on Thursday, we learned that one of them had not seen Won’t You Be My Neighbor? She is 93 and is in excellent health and quite active. She said that one of our pastors had mentioned it in a sermon recently and wanted to see it. I called her Friday afternoon and asked if we could take her. We went yesterday afternoon. She loved it, and so did Kate who gave no sign that she remembered having seen it before. This goes down as the most times I have ever seen one movie. And I still enjoyed it.

Following the movie we went to dinner with our friend. Then we dropped her off and came back home where we relaxed a bit before retiring to the bedroom where we capped off the day watching the last of Fiddler on the Roof. I think this is my favorite musical after Les Miserables. I like each of them for different reasons. The music and then the story draws me to Les Miserables, but it’s the story and then the music that I love about Fiddler. I play them frequently for Kate. This and seeing Mr. Rogers a fourth time are good examples of my deriving pleasure from the same things that make her happy. I am grateful. We are very fortunate.