Catching Up on the Past Few Days

Life is still going well for us though Kate has slept late or wanted to three days in a row. I was glad to see that she was up about 8:45 yesterday. It was another day for the sitter, so I was she was up for us to spend a little time together before I get away for the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I woke her about 10:45 so that we could get to lunch before the sitter arrived. She was quite groggy and didn’t want to get up. I told her I would like to have lunch with her before leaving. Then I gave her the choice to remain in bed and have Mary take her to Panera for lunch. I have done that before. She has always said she would prefer to go to lunch with me. Wednesday she said it would be fine if Mary took her. I left her to get up at her leisure. In a little bit, she got up and started getting dressed. By then, we were a little pressed for time, so we went to Panera instead of our usual place. I called Mary and asked her to meet us there. We’ve done that a few other times when we were running late. That seems to work for everyone.

I made my usual trip to the Y and then went to an appointment with one of our associate pastors at church. Since the morning is Kate’s slowest time of the day, we have not been regulars since last fall. The summer schedule is even more difficult for us. The service starts at 10:15. It just pushes Kate too much to make that.

It had been a while since I had spoken with any of the pastors. I like to keep them abreast with how things are going. We met for an hour during which I gave a rather thorough and honest account of what our lives are like. To those of you who are regular readers, it was very abbreviated overview of the things I have posted in the past.

When I got home Kate and the sitter were sitting in the family room. They had gotten along fine. Kate was ready to, so we went directly to dinner. We were back home in time for the evening news. Then we watched a portion of Fiddler on the Roof. It was a good day.

Thursday I had to wake Kate, but she got up easily in contrast to the previous day. We had a very nice and leisurely lunch with two church friends. We ate at the continuing care facility in which one of them lives. It is a very attractive place that lends itself to easy conversation. That’s something very important for folks our age. It had been more than six months since the four of us had been together, so we had plenty to talk about. Since three of us are pretty big talkers, Kate did not say much. However, she had a good time.

We came back home after lunch. I had a meeting for two hours at the house so that I didn’t have to leave Kate. Then it was time for dinner. We went to a restaurant that is a little nicer than the ones we visit most often. The ambiance, meal, and our server were all good. Then we came back home and watched a little more of Fiddler of the Roof. It was a good way to close the day.