Very Special Moments

I am always happy to report the many good times Kate and I have. Of course, some are more special than others. That was the case last night. It started a few minutes before we were to leave the restaurant after our weekly pizza. A couple I had first met professionally came in and were about to be seated at the booth behind us. They had been clients who really made a significant difference in the success of my business. I had always enjoyed working with them. It had been a while since we had seen them, and we got into a conversation. Instead of our leaving, we ended up sitting with them for quite a while.

I know that Kate did not remember their names or anything about our previous connection, but she handled herself like a pro. She continues to know how to greet people and engage in light conversations. It was much more than this that made our time special. As the four of us talked, Kate and the woman started their own conversation. I didn’t hear a word they were saying, but it was a pleasure for me to see Kate so engaged. This is a rare experience. In most group situations she ends up being left out, but one-on-one she can do well. We’ve had several of those experiences lately. I’ll have to work harder to arrange more in the future.

If the day had ended right there, I would have been happy. There was more to come. The previous three nights we watched the 25th anniversary concert production of Les Miserables. It’s a three-hour concert. We watched about an hour each night. This was the second time to watch this DVD in the past three or four weeks, but Kate loved it every bit as much as the first time. Because of this, I asked if she would like to re-watch the final segment again last night. She did. I was curious to see if the repetition would dampen her enthusiasm. Absolutely not. If anything, it was more intense. As she had done previously, she expressed her feelings audibly, both in comments and in “Oohs” and “Ahs.” She not only praised the quality of the singers voices but also their acting ability. She was talking specifically about their facial expressions as they conveyed the particular emotions appropriate to each song. I took note of her ability to recognize emotions as well as she ever could. It’s also another powerful reminder of the impact that music can have. It was important to us before Alzheimer’s and even more so since.

Now I am thinking of trying something else today. Several times this week, I have mentioned the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? At least once, she has said she wanted to see it. We saw it last Saturday. She enjoyed it so much I took her back to see it on Tuesday. I am seriously considering taking her again this afternoon. That might seem a strange thing to do. It would be unusual for us. I don’t ever recall going to see a movie three times, especially in one week. Two things are motivating me. First, she really enjoyed the movie the first two times. I think she is likely to feel the same a third time. Even if she liked it less, it would still be fun for her. Second, we don’t have any other plans for the day. If we don’t go to the movie, we are likely to spend a little time at home and also Banes & Noble. She would be working on her iPad. Although she rarely seems to tire of that, I think might be a good alternative. Whatever we do, I am optimistic that it will be a good day and grateful for all the good days in the past.

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