I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

We were at Panera a little over an hour this morning when Kate wanted to leave. It was a little early for lunch, so we went home. As we left our table, we chatted briefly with a group from a nearby Catholic Church who meet at Panera several mornings a week after morning mass. As we walked out the door, Kate said, “What are our names?” I must have looked puzzled. She added, “You know, what people like the people we were just talking to would call us.” I told her both of our full names.

This is not the first time she has asked our names although she has always done it one at a time before. Nonetheless, I am well aware that she is beginning to lose the connection between us and our names. Why then, should I be surprised? The only thing I can figure is that so much of Kate’s behavior is quite normal that I don’t expect this kind of question. Thus, it continues to be somewhat jarring when I hear her ask our names.