More Confusion and Growing Dependence

After dinner tonight, we came back to the house and prepared for our normal relaxation time at the end of the day. I got Kate’s medications and put them on her bedside table along with a glass of water. Shortly, she came into the room and started to take her pills. She had only taken a couple when she must have turned around to do something else. Then she asked me if the remaining pills were for tonight or in the morning. This is something she has said on several evenings lately. Prior to this she simply assumed they were all the evening medications. Like many things, I can’t say what accounts for the change. It is just among the variety of things that go along with Alzheimer’s.

A little later, I got ready to take my shower when I heard her call, “Help.” It wasn’t a frantic call, but it was clear she needed something. I came out of the bathroom to see that she was struggling with her robe. It was inside-out, and her left arm was in the right sleeve. She couldn’t find the other sleeve. I got her straightened out and said, “Another case of teamwork. We work well together.” She thanked me and gave me a hug. It’s one more sign of her increasing dependence.

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