Making Choices

Everyday all of us find ourselves making choices to do one thing or another. We can’t do it all. It’s no different when one is caring for a person with dementia (PWD). The only difference is the caregiver always tryies to decide  which of two or more alternatives is the best one for the PWD. I’ve had to make one of those decisions today and hit a home run.

This afternoon the UT Opera Theater had an annual student recital. We have attended several of these in the past and enjoyed them immensely. The Live in HD at The Met production today was Tosca. We couldn’t do both; so I decided on Tosca. Although I am sure the recital was good, I believe I made the right decision. We’ve seen quite a few of these operas, and this was one of the best. Kate loved it. When she is really enthusiastic about a performance, she not only applauds but also says, “Wow.” I heard several of those today. I am a little sensitive about this because she is the only one in the audience that expresses anything audibly.

While the opera itself was outstanding, it was even better to know that Kate was so enthusiastic about it. At the last of these operas last spring she wanted to leave after the first act. I don’t remember what opera that was. I do know that was the first one she has not enjoyed. I feared that our opera experiences might be nearing the end. It looks like we have a bit longer. This coming Friday, we are attending a performance of The Barber of Seville by a European opera company that comes to Knoxville periodically. In addition, there are several other Live in HD productions I would like to attend, including La Boheme and Cosi fan Tutte.