The Sitter is Still Working Out

Today was the first time we have had a sitter since before Christmas. We had missed three days while we were in Texas. I wondered if this would present a problem for Kate. I should not have worried. When the sitter arrived, Kate saw her pull into the garage as she (Kate) was about to go outside. She said, “Who is that?” I said, “That’s Mary. She is going to be here while I go to the Y.” Kate greeted Mary warmly as she entered the door. They both went outside while I got a few last-minute things taken care of before leaving. As I drove down the driveway to the street, I stopped where Kate was standing in a flower bed with Mary. She (Kate) asked where I was going. I told her the Y. Then she pointed to Mary, smiled, and said, “She’s my guard. I can’t get into any trouble.” I waved goodbye. Once again, I felt good that the sitter is working out as I had hoped.

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