Enjoying The Christmas Season

Kate and I returned from my doctor’s appointment almost two hours before we were to leave for Jazz Night at Casa Bella. She asked (with hand signals) if she could work in the yard. I told her she could. Then she asked (verbally), “Where should I start? In the front or in the back?” She said she hadn’t worked in the back as much; so I said, “Well, why don’t you start there?” As often happens, she came inside to the bathroom and then went to the front yard, forgetting entirely that she was going to the back. This is a regular pattern. She does work more in the front. I suspect that habit leads her to do it each time she goes out.

I called her inside in plenty of time to get ready to go out. I suggested that she change her clothes and told her I would pick out something for her. She accepted that very naturally without a complaint at all. I picked out a red sweater and a pair of black pants and put them on the bed in her room. She liked the selection. I left the room for her to change. A little while later, she came out wearing the same clothes she had been wearing before. I reminded her of the clothes I had picked out for her. She asked where they were. I took her back to her room and pointed them out. This time she got it. What makes this incident worth pointing out is that she was so accepting of my suggestions and help. This makes things easier for me, but as I always say, it signals further decline in her condition.

The evening at Casa Bella was everything I could have hoped for. The food was good, and the musicians excellent. It was a program with a lot of Christmas music. This was our fourth musical program in the past two weeks. We are definitely enjoying the season.

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