Difficulty Understanding

Kate and I are at Panera where we came after seeing the movie, Dunkirk. On the way here, she had expressed an interest in knowing more about the real events on which the movie was based. That led me to Google. As I was reporting what I had learned, she held her hand up and very nicely told me to stop, that her brain couldn’t absorb any more. She said she was interested in knowing more, but it was too difficult for her to grasp so much at one time.
I told her that a recent Time magazine that we have at home has a feature on the events surrounding this evacuation. That made her happy, but I would be very surprised if she actually reads it. I can’t recall the last time I saw her reading anything. I do see her pick up something like a bulletin at church and look at it as though she is going to read it, but she puts it down rather quickly.

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