A Visit with the Davises

Yesterday we had lunch with the Davises in Nashville. I am glad to report that everything went well. We spent about thirty minutes at their home in conversation before going to a restaurant. We got off to a good start when Ann and Kate paired off in their family room and had a conversation just between the two of them while Jeff and I had our own conversation. Ann was good about asking Kate questions that she was able to address even if the information she gave was not right. I couldn’t hear everything because of my own conversation with Jeff, but I did hear Kate say that we are moving to Texas. It is interesting how many things she can’t remember, but she doesn’t seem to forget about that. The good thing is that she doesn’t act as though it is something imminent.

In the car to the restaurant, Kate said something about our housekeeper. Then Ann asked her name. Kate couldn’t remember it. I whispered it in her ear. During the car ride and at the restaurant, it seemed like the conversation was mostly among three of us. Kate didn’t say much. I worried that this might bother her. As we left to see her friend, Ellen, she commented on the way Ann and Jeff are able to put people at ease. They are down-to-earth, not pretentious. This is especially important for Kate to sense because she sees both of them as very bright people and is a little intimidated by them. I hope this keeps up for a while longer.

Our visit to Ellen went well. Ellen had improved somewhat since our last visit just over a month ago. We still had trouble understanding much of what she said. By now I am wondering how much better she is likely to get. It has been two years since her stroke, and she has had 2-3 seizures since February. I plan to continue our visits as long as she and Kate are able.

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