Talking About Her Mother

We are sitting here in the family room doing our separate things. She is working on her iPad. I am working on photos from Chautauqua before creating a slide show of our recent stay there. She just mentioned that we had done so many good things in our marriage. Then she said, “I know I’ve said this before, but I’m so glad we did what we did for my mother.” (She is referring to our bringing her mother to live with us in our home where she had 24/7 care for almost five and a half years.) This is a recurring theme I have heard for a long time. She also frequently says what a special person her mother was and how much she did for other people. There have also been times when she has imagined that someone has said something bad about her mother. In one instance, she said she was glad that I had stood up for her mother when some boys were saying things about her.

Her mother really was a special person. I think it is now that she is fully recognizing that.

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