The Rest of the Story

I cut off my previous entry because Kate said, “I want to go home now.” I asked why, and she told me to get a bra. We closed down our iPads and went home. We didn’t have much time as we were supposed to meet our friends for lunch in 20 minutes. We looked all around her room/office and did not find either of the bras we had purchased 7-10 days ago; however, I found an old one on the floor near her bed. I gave it to her, and we left.

Now back to the theme of the previous entry at 10:58 this morning. The potential breakthrough came when I told Kate (while at Panera) I would like to help her with her clothes if she would let me.” She nodded that she would. I told her we could start this afternoon. If she can remember this, we may be able to take a giant step toward being better organized with her clothes. I recognize, however, that this is a big “if.”

We had a very good time with our friend. When we got home from lunch, it was almost 2:30. I came inside while Kate remained outside. She stayed out there until shortly after 3:30. While she was pruning, I went back to her room to organize her clothes that were strewn all around the room. I sorted them into slacks that fit her, those that don’t, and those about which I am unsure. I also put all her tops together and put them on the bed in the guest room. I also tried to sort socks but wasn’t very successful. Most of them were single socks and not pairs of socks. These remain on her bed at the moment. I don’t believe Kate has been in her room yet, at least she hasn’t said anything about its being cleaned up. I believe it is possible that she won’t notice at all. I’ll give her a chance to notice before I say anything.

My next task is to buy some new socks, bras, and nightgowns. Last night she slept in a pair of slacks and a top.

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