Sunday Morning Sleep

Kate got up briefly around 8:30. She got some yogurt and apple juice. Then she went back to bed while I was preparing to leave for church. I planned to encourage her to be ready for lunch when I returned. Then I have changed my mind. I thought it best to let her rest and see if she was up when I get home. Yesterday I had to get her up for lunch around 11:35. I called her from church at 11:15. She was still in bed. I told her I was on the way home and that I was planning for us to go to lunch. She was almost ready when I arrived home. Everything went fine.

We have a wedding reception for our next door neighbor and his new bride at 2:00. She will definitely want to attend. It is good that we don’t have a specific deadline; so if we get there at 2:30 or a little after, we will be fine. It ends at 4:00.

I am going to start my periodic letter to Dr. Reasoner today or tomorrow. In particular, I want to ask about Kate‘’s medications. They might have something to do with her recent lethargy. I also want to know if a visit to a neurologist might be a good idea.

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