Good Evening and Slow Morning

Last night we went to a theater production of Honky Tonk Angels. It was a somewhat corny musical tied together by a series of popular country music. Most of it was quite familiar to the audience – at least to us. Kate loved it. It was the most enthusiasm I have seen her express in a while. I was glad to see it as I was beginning to think it might be over.

This morning she was slow to get up. She got up somewhere between 8:00 and 9:00 and got something to drink. Then she went back to bed where she remained until I told her it was time for lunch (11:35 am). She got up and dressed quickly. She perked up after lunch. We didn’t get dessert but on the way home she said she wanted something. I stopped at a new bakery near our house where we got a couple of blondies.

When we got home, I came inside to check email and upload a couple of CDs to my computer. She remained outside until a few minutes ago. She was just doing some pruning.

Tonight I will not give her Benadryl. I have been doing that to help her with the drippage she has had with her cold. I hope that she will be more alert in the morning. I am also going to start my regular letter to her doctor. She has her next appointment on March 10. I have questions about her medications as well as whether or not there might be value in seeing a neurologist.

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