Feeling Better But Not Wanting to Get Out

I came home directly after going to the Y this morning. My purpose was to get here early enough that I could take Kate to Panera for a while before time for lunch. She was in the family room editing photos on her computer. The TV was on to MSNBC. I asked if she would like to go to Panera. She said she would but not right then. I told her to just let me know when she would like to go. Then I went into the kitchen where I checked and answered my email. After 45 minutes or so, I went to the family room to see if she were ready to go. She wasn’t there. I went into the bedroom and found her under the covers. She was sound asleep.

Just a few minutes ago she came into the kitchen still dressed in her sweat pants and shirt that she had slept in. She said she wanted to go to Panera. Noticing the time I asked her if she would like to go eat lunch and, perhaps, go to someplace else instead. She hesitated. Then she said she didn’t want to get dressed. I suggested that she wouldn’t want to go out in her sweats. She didn’t want to but agreed to change. When she came out, she was still wearing the same sweatshirt but had changed to black slacks.

A little earlier I had reminded her that we are going to a musical tonight. She said, “Tonight?” and looked like that was an awful idea. I told her I thought it was something she would enjoy.

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