Closing the Day

I just got home from a United Way dinner where they recognize the humanitarian of the year. I was there along with a number of others from the foundation because our previous board chair was this year’s selection.

At any rate when I got home at 10:00, I was surprised when I walked into the bedroom to discover that Kate was awake. When I expressed my surprise, She told me it had been hard to stay awake, that she had gotten up and walked around and also gotten a Dr. Pepper, but she stayed awake because I wanted her to. When I explored this a little, I learned that she thought I had told her to stay awake until I got home. We hadn’t even talked about it though I had joked at dinner and said, “Now don’t get into any trouble while I am gone.” I suspect this led to her incorrectly remembering what I had said and altered it to be that I told her not to go to sleep.

Now she has been wide awake. She has been a little irritated because it is my fault that she is awake. She said she was going to tell my next wife what I am like. As in most situations like this, she doesn’t sound serious. It’s her way of kidding me, but it does have a tone of seriousness as well. This is different from those times when she gets angry with me because she thinks I am rushing her to get ready to go someplace. That is definitely serious.

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