Diminished Observation

A number of times I have commented on the fact that Kate’s observation of things around her is impaired. She simply doesn’t notice things that are in front of her. This happens most often when there are a lot things in front of her. That makes it hard for her to see what it is she is looking for. I try to help by going to places around the house that I think from past experience are the likely places to find whatever she is looking for. Sometimes it works. Often it doesn’t.

Something more dramatic happened last week when we were returning from a meal at Chalupas, her favorite Mexican restaurant. As we were approached a stop light , I noticed flashing red lights. Because it was dark I couldn’t tell exactly what it was until I got to the intersection. Then I noticed that a firetruck was blocking the intersection. Someone was directing traffic to turn right toward town. As I turned, I noticed that two cars had collided. I made a comment. It turns out that Kate had not seen the firetruck or the accident scene itself. This is a case where multiple red lights were flashing, cars were backed up. I don’t know what could be more noticeable.

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