Wearing the “Right” Clothes

We have a continuing problem with clothes. As I have mentioned before, I made a significant addition to her wardrobe in February. At that time I was trying to make sure that she has clothes appropriate to wear to some of the foundation receptions and especially a board retreat in Asheville. Some of those things she has never worn. Others are misplaced. We bought 5 pair of pants. At least one or two need alterations, but she hasn’t been wearing the others. More recently, we bought 5 pair of pants and an assortment of tops and matching tops. She has worn at least two of these and a couple of the tops but they are being worn infrequently.

Today I noticed she was wearing an older outfit to a funeral. I was also aware that this is an outfit she is wearing quite frequently. I waited until after the funeral and after we had eaten lunch. Then I asked about her new clothes and that I noticed she hadn’t worn something new rather than some old. She was offended that I had said anything and indicated that the other clothes were not appropriate. When we arrived home, she apologized for getting angry with me. I think this is very hard for her and must not forget that, but I need to figure out a way to make sure she is dressed appropriately.

We had another of those situations in which she fakes her way through a conversation. We ran into a neighbor that she would have recognized in the past. When I asked her if she remembered the person, she said she had no idea. I said, “Well, you faked it well.” She indicated that she does a lot of that.