Cabin Fever

During the past week Kate has expressed concern about being at home all the time. The first sign of this was the conversation we had last week when she wanted to know if she could drive again. Since then she has commented that she needs something more to do than just work in the yard and on jigsaw puzzles on her iPad. This is something that will require more planning on my part.

This morning I woke up at 4:11. I remained in bed until 4:33, but my mind was occupied by two things. First, the nominating committee of the foundation is meeting in the morning to deal with a sticky issue of who will be the chair for the upcoming year. Second, my mind kept wondering how I will work out entertaining Kate if I have more obligations with the foundation, church, and presbytery. I also wonder how I can present supervision of Kate without offending her. She continues to want to display her independence. She doesn’t even want me to help her out of the pool.

I volunteered our participation on the visitation committee at church. We had our first meeting with that group yesterday. They meet twice a month and have a lunch. This should help get her out of the house and have more contact with other people. I also need to work out arrangements to have lunch with people like Angela and Marvin Green. I have also spoken with Kate about volunteer opportunities.

Yesterday I did tell Libby, our housekeeper, about Kate’s Alzheimer’s. I also told her I would want her help in keeping the house in order but that right now Kate wants to handle that herself. The problem, of course, is that she really doesn’t.

I am also thinking about the implications of future travel. I don’t have any plans for travel after our cruise in October. I think I will wait until after the first of the year and see how she is doing. We will continue to make trips to family.