Discouraging week

Although we have had a week with some good moments, Kate has been unusually discouraged. In her words, “frustrated.” Leaving her purse at 2 restaurants last weekend, losing her tickets to the symphony concert last week (something I hadn’t mentioned before), and auto accident were the key incidents. In addition, however, she has had great difficulty working on the computer. Specifically, she has been working on a Christmas eCard to send to our friends. She has selected a variety of pictures taken since the early days of our marriage up to the present time; however, she keeps revising and makes new mistakes each time she makes a change.

Her discouragement is reflected in a withdrawal. She has been playing Free Cell on the computer and is doing nothing that I can see to prepare for our departure in the morning at 9:30 for the airport for our flight to San Antonio. For me one of the most disturbing aspects of this withdrawal is a withdrawal from me as well. Normally, she seeks me for comfort. In this case, she is simply withdrawing and rather uncommunicative. I have tried to be supportive, but she is not too responsive. I should say, however, that before we went to church this morning she gave me a big hug and said something that conveyed how dependent she is on me.

The week’s events have left me discouraged as well. It is a little the way I felt with Dad when he was having a bad day. A bad day for him was a bad day for me.