A First Sign (or second)

This afternoon I dropped by Shirley Hazel’s house. Kate had left her computer in her car the other day. When I picked it up, Shirley said very nicely (as though she were trying to send me a message gently in case I didn’t know) that “”Kate is getting so forgetful.” I said, “I know.” Then she went on to say that she had enjoyed working with her. They work together to interview candidates for PEO grants to continue their college education. In addition to interviewing them, they also assist in getting the applications in to the national office and shepherding the applications to their completion. They have been successful several times. Furthermore, they have passed along the names of good candidates to other chapters who might nominate them. Each chapter is entitled to nominate only two candidates.

At any rate this is the first contact I have had with someone who mentioned the memory issue. Of course, that may have been what our pastor had in mind when he asked me if Kate were all right two summers ago. Although I feel confident that most people would not suspect that she has AD, I do recognize that anyone who works closely with her is bound to suspect. It makes me wonder again about our children when we are together in Jackson Hole in June. It would be easy for her to do or say something that would make them suspicious. I have even begun to wonder if I should break down and tell the children at some point after our vacation with them is over. I really don’t want to break my agreement with Kate that they not be told. On the other hand, they are not in touch a lot, and it would be nice if they knew that time is running out. In that respect, I am the luckiest person of all because I know and am able to make the very most of our time together. It has made all the difference in the world. Were it not for that knowledge I would probably be fuming a good bit over the many things she does. I clearly find some of these things annoying; however, I always stop and think that she can’t help it. That helps me to be more patient with her.