Life is Normal, But Not the Same

Just a quick note. Yesterday Kate went to her annual visit with Dr. Edwards, her GYN. In the context of asking her how things were going, she told him about the PET scan and diagnosis. Kate gave me her review of the visit last night. She said she had told Dr. Edwards about the AD diagnosis and to him that she was doing rather well. I confirmed that. She is doing remarkably well. She said that Dr. Edwards gave her a hug when she left and noted that seemed a highly unusual thing for him to do. I commented that it was nice that he had shown such sensitivity and she, of course, agreed.

I underscored how well I thought she was doing and indicated 2 things. (1) That we can’t always maintain any given emotion for an extended period and that we seem to gravitate back to “normal.” We seem to have entered a period of time when we recognize that life itself hasn’t changed; it is only the diagnosis, and we can go on with life. At the same time, we now view time as more precious than before. Things will never be looked at in the same way as before the diagnosis. (2) That we had both been encouraged by Dr. Reasoner’s assessment that she has plenty of good time before the part we fear the most.