Meeting with Social Worker

Yesterday Kate met with Lillian Walters, a social worker with a physician’s practice. Kate had previously known Lillian through counseling sessions a few years ago in connection with her depression. When I got home from seeing Dad at Life Care, she filled me in on the meeting with Lillian.

First of all, she was pleased with Lillian and how things went. She indicated that Lillian seemed to think of things that she had not thought of. I can’t begin to remember any order to what Kate told me, and I suspect she didn’t tell me in order either. Here are some of the things I remember.

Lillian asked about telling the children and friends. Kate indicated she didn’t plan to tell either until what we think is an appropriate time down the road. Lillian asked her why, and she said that she felt the children and friends would want to “mother” her. Kate has been sensitive to being told what to do by others. She doesn’t like it at all.

Lillian asked if there were anyone she felt she would be comfortable confiding in. Kate thought of two people at church, although she told me last night that she might not want to burden one because she has some current issues herself. The other one might be a better one to talk with. I asked her if she would do that before others knew. She said, “yes.”

Lillian asked her about planning for the future. Kate told her she was going to write her own obituary and that she would begin on that soon. She also asked if Kate had a bucket list. Kate indicated that we were creating that right now. She told Lillian that she was trying to simplify her life. As an example, Kate told her that she was not going to cook anymore. She went on to tell her about a couple of recent examples that led to too much frustration.

Kate also told her about our travel plans. Kate also indicated that as she progressed, we might take more cruises that would not be too taxing on her. She also indicated that we might be able to enjoy Chautauqua even after we feel overseas trips are not best.

Kate expressed satisfaction that she is with her physician’s practice. Dr. Reasoner, Lillian, and a psychiatrist in the practice have also been valuable resources from the past and will be in the future as well.

Kate told Lillian about our meeting on January 21 with Dr. Reasoner and how she directly, but sensitively, told her the results of the PET scan. Kate is still eager to learn as much as she can about how far into the disease she is. She told me she remembers watching Dr. Reasoner’s reaction when I had mentioned Kate’s getting lost on the way to the airport to meet Kevin and his family at Thanksgiving. Kate interpreted the reaction as an indication that this meant a strong sign of AD. Lillian told Kate something similar yesterday.

This afternoon at 2:15, we meet with Dr. Reasoner. I want to ask about her Aricept. She is currently taking half a tablet a day, and I thought I recalled that Dr. Reasoner said she would switch to a whole table in a month or so. Kate wants to ask Dr. Reasoner how far along she is in the disease. I am suspecting that will be a difficult question for Dr. Reasoner to answer, but she may be able to give some general guideline.

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