Two More Issues

As I indicated in my previous post, “Not everything goes as well as I would like”. On Tuesday, I was reminded of that again. We got off to a good start when she awoke early and seemed to be in a good mood. Over the course of the morning, however, she experienced what I described as a pain in her right leg around the knee that was affected by her stroke almost two years ago. She has not been able to straighten it since then.

I am used to the fact that she periodically lets out a scream or yell which is an unmistakable sign of pain. Fortunately, the pain appears to go away almost immediately, and she is perfectly fine. That morning was different. The pain seemed to go away after she screamed; however, her screams were repeated more than five times over a period of a couple of hours. She was fine after that.

When I returned home after lunch, she was happy to see me. She got along well until it was about time for us to go out for our daily ice cream and then dinner. She had been happy and more talkative than usual, but she began to talk more rapidly. Her smiles turned to expressions of agitation that conveyed she was bothered by something.

I put on some music that is usually calming for her. It didn’t work quickly, and I suggested to the caregiver that we give her some ice cream. We did, and it worked. A few moments later, we left for our normal trip downstairs for ice cream. I decided if any signs of agitation reappeared, we would come back to the apartment. Fortunately, she was fine after that. One of our residents stopped by to speak to her. She is always looking for a smile or verbal response from Kate. Most of the time, she is disappointed, but not that time. The result was that she stayed and talked with us 20-30 minutes before it was time for us to leave for dinner.

I was relieved that we didn’t have any more surprises, but I do wonder if these recent experiences are just isolated issues or whether we might see more things like this in the days ahead. Like so many other things, time will tell.