This Morning’s Surprise

I was asleep but felt Kate move. When I looked, she was seated on the edge of the bed. The clock read 4:52. I asked if she wanted to go to the bathroom and that I would help her. She said she didn’t. She stood up. I walked around to her and asked where she was going. She didn’t answer. I reached out my hand and said I would help her. She signaled with her hand to go in front of her. Still thinking she might want the bathroom, I turned in that direction. She wanted to leave the bedroom.

She led me down the hall way to the other bedrooms. She walked through each one and looked in the closets as well as things on dressers and tables. Two of the rooms have an adjoining bath. She went from the hallway into the first one, through the bath and into the next bedroom. She turned left into the hallway. When she came to the door of the door of the first bedroom, she entered it again. She went back through the bathroom into the second bedroom. Then she went into the family room and on to the kitchen turning lights on in each room.

When we stopped in the kitchen, I told her I wanted to help her. She started to whimper and said, “I wish you could.” I asked if she could tell me what the problem was. She couldn’t.

As we left the kitchen, I took her hand and led her to our bedroom. I stopped at her side of the bed. She sat down, and I suggested that we get back in bed. She was hesitant but got in and leaned against the backboard but not in a straight sitting position. She was still bothered by something.

I got in bed and had an idea. First, I put on an album of beautiful music by Joshua Bell.  I decided to try diverting her by getting her to help me. I told her I was a little keyed up and needed her help to relax. I moved close beside her, and she gently stroked by arm. Neither of us talked. She began to relax. It was almost an hour later when she began to fall asleep. I was about to get up when she asked if I could sit beside her and talk to her. Then she said, “You don’t even need to talk, just sit here with me.” I sat on the bed beside her for fifteen minutes. We didn’t say much though we did express our love for each other. She was very calm and relaxed. Finally, I told her I was thinking of getting dressed and asked if that would be all right. She said that was fine and sounded like she really meant it.

At 8:45, I had just finished my breakfast and was about to take my morning walk when I noticed that she had gotten out of bed again. I went to her and found her in a good humor, but it didn’t appear that she knew where she was. I told her I wanted to show her something. We went to the hallway where I showed her the picture of her mother. We didn’t linger as long as we usually do.

She wanted to move on. This time she walked to another bedroom. I can’t remember why, but I left her a moment. When I came back, she was in the closet. We use this one primarily for storage of games, photo albums, and miscellaneous stuff that we should probably gotten rid of long ago. I asked what she was doing. She said she was cleaning up. Most of what she had picked up to trash was just that, but some were things we might want to keep. I helped her sort them out.

I suggested we go back to our bedroom and get her dressed. She agreed. After she was dressed, she asked if she could lie down again. I told her that would be all right. That was about an hour and forty-five minutes ago. I think that’s good. That enabled me to take my walk and write this post. It is now approaching time for lunch. If she isn’t awake in the next thirty minutes, I’ll wake her. I’m optimistic that she will be fine, but I am used to surprises.