Another Morning Surprise

It was just a few days ago that I reported on the unpredictability of our mornings. That continued this today. Kate was awake, or woke up, when I got up at 5:50. I thought she might want to go to the bathroom, but she declined. I had been in the bathroom only a few minutes when she opened the door. I walked over to assist her to the toilet but found that it wasn’t the bathroom she wanted. She said, “Is she all right?” I did what I should know not to do. I said, “Who?” She gave me a dirty look. Often she says, “You know who.”, but just as often she gives me a look that communicates the same message. Fortunately, she asked “Is she all right?” several more times. That gave me a chance to say the right thing. Each time I said, “She is fine.” That seemed to provide her with momentary relief, but she continued to be concerned. During the next few minutes, she made other comments like “Are you sure she is all right?”  “I love her so much.” And “Could I see her?” I feel sure she must have been thinking about her mother but never found out.

When we got back to bed, I asked if she would like me to stay with her. Of course, the answer was yes. Unlike the other recent times when she has wanted me to stay, I hadn’t already dressed. I put on an album of very soothing music and got back in bed with her. I stayed there until just before 7:00. She was still awake but relaxed.

I knew she was likely to go to sleep and expect I wouldn’t hear from her until I woke her at 10:45. I was wrong again. I saw her on the video cam at 8:10. She was sitting up. When I reached her, she was wide awake and ready to get dressed. This was another day when she wanted me to take her “home.” That has become more frequent in the past few weeks. I told her I would. Strangely, she wasn’t persistent this time. She mentioned going home a couple of other times but seemed to have forgotten before we left for Panera. We got here about 9:15. She is just now finishing her muffin. I suspect it won’t be long before she will be ready to leave. How long depends on how well she is doing with her puzzles.