Life Can Be Frightening for People with Dementia.

I have frequently mentioned that Kate’s emotions seem to be on “high alert.” That was certainly evident the past couple of days. She was up early yesterday, and we went to Panera for an hour before going to lunch. As usual, I got her seated and set up her iPad with a puzzle for her to start while I got her drink. When I brought the drink back to her, I set it down on the table. It gave her quite a fright. She sat back in her chair and made an audible noise that was clearly noticed by the people near us. At first, I thought it was the noise on the table, but I believe it was a combination of that and the surprise when I put it down. She was probably focused on her puzzles and not aware that I had come back to the table. Whatever it was, it was an unusual response to a very ordinary event.

Our Rotary club is working on a project to place children’s books in several locations around town where children might be waiting with their parents. I am out of touch on children’s books and wanted to browse through the collection at Barnes & Noble. We stopped by after lunch. She was unusually cautious as we walked across parking lot to the store. I think her vision is the cause of her concern, but I also think her not knowing where she is or where she is going adds a measure of fear that leads to her more extreme response to things like that. She never knows what to expect. We didn’t stay long. Kate was tired and wanted to rest. As I helped her into the car, the door closed slightly. She reacted as though the door was about to hit her even though it would have hit me first.

She was glad to be home and rested for about two hours. Then we looked through a small part of one of her photo books. She was enjoying it, but she was tired and wanted to rest a little more before going to dinner. I believe that her resting is really because he is worn out. She had gotten up earlier. I’m sure that accounts for part of it, but I also think she has to work so hard to do everything that it wears her out.

We had a nice dinner at Bonefish Grill last night, but Kate was eager to get home. She asked a number of times how long it would take to get there. She didn’t waste any time getting to bed although she didn’t go to sleep right away. That has become typical. I don’t think she goes to sleep for at least an hour or two after getting in bed.

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