Another, But Milder, Morning Experience

It was a week ago yesterday that Kate experienced an intense and long-lasting (an hour) attack of anxiety. She had milder experiences four other mornings during the week as well as Friday afternoon’s experience while the sitter was here. That brings us to yesterday.

I was just finishing up a blog post when I noticed that Kate might be getting up. I went to the bedroom and found that she was having another attack. This time it seems to have arisen from either a dream or delusion. She apparently thought someone was in the house. She asked if they were gone. Rather than correcting her, I decided to go along, and I told her they had left. The problem with these fibs is that they often lead to further creative responses. In this case, she asked what they had said as they left. I told her they just said goodbye. Then she asked who they were. I said, “I don’t know, but they are gone now. Nobody is here but the two of us.” She was relieved, but I was concerned that she might still be a bit uneasy. I asked if she wanted me to sit with her in the bedroom. She did.

I remained with her for another two hours. She slept well and got up cheerfully for lunch. We didn’t have any other problems the remainder of the day.

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