Another Morning of Anxiety

As I have described the past three mornings, yesterday Kate’s memory was almost completely blank again. In some ways this isn’t unusual. Over the past year she has often not known where she is or who she and I are when she wakes. The difference the past few days is the anxiety that accompanies it. In the past, I would tell her. Then she seemed to be all right even though she might ask the same questions again right away. During each of the past few days she has been more concerned, even frightened, about not knowing these things. The first experience on Saturday was the most intense. It also lasted an hour.

Her experience yesterday was different in that it was milder and shorter in duration. She was very sleepy. I didn’t attempt to show her any pictures of her family. I focused primarily on comforting her. I did play the same music I had played the previous days. I got in bed with her. She began to relax and fell asleep within fifteen minutes. I brought my laptop back to the bedroom and stayed with her until it was time for lunch. She was fine when I got her up.

We met one of our associate pastors and his wife for lunch at Casa Bella. Kate has always liked him and his wife. She wasn’t talkative, but she enjoyed being with them. They probably would never have imagined the state she was in a little earlier. Her ability to bounce back is another way in which we have been fortunate.

This morning at 7:45, she started to get up. I went to the bedroom. She was unusually alert and seemed like she didn’t need my help. I walked her to the bathroom and back to bed. She thanked me and said, “You’re really a nice guy.” She is asleep again. We’re off to a good start. I’m hopeful that she will be fine when I get her up for lunch.

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