Confirmation of an Earlier Decision

Five weeks ago yesterday, I took a step I had been thinking about for months. I made an appointment to meet with the marketing director of Forest Hills, a local continuing care retirement community (CCRC). I met with him that very afternoon. I had been there on many occasions to visit friends. Several of those times our friends had invited us to be their guests for dinner in the main dining room. I have always liked the place and thought it could be a possibility for Kate and me at a later point in our lives. Her diagnosis in 2011 made me think more seriously, but I had never taken any steps to learn the details concerning the amenities and pricing.

My meeting filled in most of the things I wanted to know before going any further. I learned about a new building under construction that will be ready in the first quarter of 2021. All but three of the apartments were already taken. I liked what I saw and heard but told the director that I would like some time to think about it. He told me I could hold an apartment for thirty days with a small deposit. If I didn’t want to follow through at that point, they would refund my money. The following week I was comfortable enough to take that step. I met with them and handed over a check. This was getting real.

Two days from now the thirty-day period is over. I’ve had no reservations about the decision I made a month ago, so yesterday I took a bigger step. I made a down payment on the apartment I had selected. With that step, they consider us a part of the CCRC. They gave me a gift certificate for a few meals there and said we were welcome to eat there at any time. They will send us a monthly invoice for meal charges that go beyond the value of the certificate. I doubt that is something we will use, but I thought it was a nice gesture. We are also eligible to use the adult day care services (for a daily fee) should we desire. The services they can provide for Kate have been very important in my assessment of a move.

They also gave me a directory of the other people who will be living in the building. I reviewed the list. I know at least a dozen other couples and three singles. Some I know from church and others from Rotary. I feel sure there are others whom I don’t know but would recognize. That will be a good start for us. I am very comfortable with my decision.

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