Grasping to Remember

Kate’s memory has been worse this week. When she got up day before yesterday, her memory was as bad as the two previous days. She repeatedly asked the same questions – “Who are you?” “Who am I?” “Where are we?” She didn’t express any frustration as she asked. She did so quite naturally as though she were asking someone else where they were from.

We talked without ceasing at lunch. That is unusual. It would start with one question and lead to another. For example, I had given her our names and relationship. Then I said something about our children. That led her to ask questions about them, their names, where they live, etc. I mentioned her family, and she asked me to tell her about her mother and father. As I mentioned different pieces of information, that led her to ask further questions. That meant I kept giving her more and more information. Of course, that was overwhelming for her. It was actually a beautiful conversation because she was so interested in knowing about her family. At one point, her eyes were filled with tears as I told her about them.

When we got in the car to return home, she said, “You’re probably going to have to tell me all this again.” She said she would never be able to remember. I told her that would not be a problem, that I would remember for her. I asked if she remembered the nickname she had given me. She didn’t. I told her it was “MM” for “My Memory.” She not only didn’t remember, she didn’t understand what it meant. It took a while for her to understand.

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