Our Sunday

Yesterday morning Kate got up to use the bathroom about 7:00 and went back to bed. I was in the bathroom when she got up. She was quite cheerful and seemed more awake than usual, especially at that hour. When she hadn’t stirred by 11:30, I checked on her. She was lying in bed awake. We spoke to each other, but she didn’t seem as clear-headed as she was earlier. I asked if she were confused. She said she was. I said, “I think I could help you? Would you like me to start with who I am?” She said yes, and I said, I am Richard Creighton.” She said softly, “I know that.” I said, “Do you know I am your husband?” Again she answered, “Yes.” “Do you know you are Kate Creighton?” She also knew that. I decided to go in a different direction. I said, “I have an idea. I think if you get up and we go to lunch, you’ll find things will clear up. We’ll have a nice meal and a good dessert.” Then I suggested the first thing would be to take a shower and that would help to wake her up. That’s what she did. Although she wanted some guidance from me, she still expressed a little independence. She didn’t want me to help her out of bed or to the bathroom. She just wanted me to tell her where the bathroom was.

Following her shower, she got back in bed but she didn’t seem confused at all. By the time she had rested a little longer and gotten dressed, it was after 1:00. We got to Andriana’s shortly after 1:30. She was particularly concerned with Frank Sinatra’s name yesterday. We had been there only a few minutes when she pointed to his picture and asked him name. That was the first of many. One time when she asked his name, I said, “Frank Sinatra.” She replied, “Frank Sinatra. You’ll probably have to tell me again. What’s his name?” She wasn’t kidding.

We were back home a little after 3:30 and spent the balance of the afternoon relaxing by a fire in the family room. Not too long before dinner we had a nice phone call from our son, Kevin. Then we went to dinner and returned home where I watched the Patriots and Chiefs game. She worked on her iPad until just before 10:00. It was a nice day.

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