A Happy End to the Day

After returning home from dinner, we relaxed about an hour in the family room. Then we went to the bedroom where I played the last hour of Les Miserables. Shortly after sitting down in her chair, Kate asked (hand signals, of course,) if she could use her iPad. I told her that would be fine. I was curious to see if she would put it down when the music started. She didn’t immediately, but it wasn’t long before it grabbed her. That was it for the iPad. For the next hour, she gave her full attention to the music. As she has done in the past, she made frequent comments about the beauty of the music and the quality of the acting. For those of you who may not have seen this 25th anniversary concert, I should remind you that this is different from the stage production. It does not have the elaborate sets, and the singers do not act in the way they would on stage. All of the lead singers stand in front of a microphone as they would do in a typical concert. They do, however, use facial gestures as they would in the stage production, and they are always in role, even when they wait for the applause after each song.

At dinner last night, Kate told me that she was going to “crash” early. It didn’t happen. When Les Miz was over, she was so keyed up that it took a while for both of us to go to sleep. I had been up since 5:15 yesterday morning, so I was ready for bed. She was in one of her talkative moods. To me it is fascinating how much she is moved by this musical. I don’t think it is just the music. I believe it is this particular production that is so spectacular. At any rate, we turned off the lights and got in bed. Kate talked for a long time before dosing off. She talked about all the usual things – the beauty of the music itself, how wonderful that we could share things like this together, what a good marriage we have had, the wonderful things we have done together, our parents, and our children. In a way, it was almost like a child’s bedtime prayer, an expression of gratitude for everything we have done together. I wanted to sleep, but I wouldn’t trade anything for seeing her enthusiasm.

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