A Schedule Gone Awry

If you read my previous post, you may remember that Kate rested for about two hours yesterday afternoon. That was after sleeping until 10:30 yesterday morning. Even though she had never had a problem before, I began to worry that she wouldn’t be able to go to sleep last night. We got to bed a little later. Kate was in bed at 10:00. I followed her at 10:35. Sometime after midnight, I heard her turn over and realized she was awake. I’m not sure that she had been asleep at all, but she was very wide awake and talkative. That led to a long conversation during which we both reminisced about our relationship, our children, her parents, our travels. These are all things that we talk about regularly. I don’t think there was a thing that was new including our agreement that we have been a very lucky couple.

Interlaced with the discussion were some of the usual questions about names. Early in the conversation, she mentioned how proud she was of our children. A little later, she asked if we have children. Then she wanted to know all about them. As she often does, she asked me to tell her where we first met.

Knowing that I was likely to be up early, I didn’t play as big a role in the conversation as I might normally do. I felt the need to get to sleep. Finally, at 2:35, I said something about going to sleep. She took the not-so-subtle hint and said she thought she would go to sleep as well. That’s the last thing I remember.

During our conversation, I had decided I would sleep late this morning. Habit got me. I was up at 5:35. I dressed for my walk, ate breakfast, and was out the door a few minutes after 6:30. I walked just over 4 miles and returned home at 8:00. To my surprise, I saw that Kate had gotten up. There are only a few times that she has gotten up that early in the past couple of years, and that was after a good night’s sleep. I was sure that she would sleep until I woke her for lunch. As it turned out, she was ready for Panera before 9:30. That is where we are right now.

The lack of sleep may be having an effect on her. She just asked, “What is your nome?” She knew that wasn’t right and repeated it. She still couldn’t say “name.” I gave her my name. Then she asked her name. Moments later she asked my name again. I just gave her my first name, but she wanted the whole thing. Then she said, “What’s my name again?” She asked where we lived. When I told her, she tried to say “Knoxville.” As she did with “name” earlier, she pronounced it in a funny way. All of this is not dramatically different from what goes on every day, but the look on her face and the way she is speaking makes me think she is more confused than usual.

Today is my Rotary day. That means the sitter comes at noon instead of 1:00. I like for Kate to get her lunch around 11:00 so that we can easily get back home in time to meet Anita. I have frequently had to call her and tell her to meet us here, but that won’t happen today. I suspect Kate is going to be tired. I’ll get her a sandwich in another twenty minutes. Then we’ll go back home. My guess is that she will take a nap.

After Rotary, I will go to the Y. That will keep me awake. I hope we will get our sleeping back to normal tonight.