Another Slow Start

At the moment, I am at Whole Foods where I am waiting for Kate who is getting her monthly facial. I always schedule these appointments at 2:00 to give her plenty of time to get ready. Today that was almost not enough. After getting up earlier than usual yesterday, she slept late again today. At 11:45, I tried to wake her. She was not eager to get up but not cross. She mostly just ignored me. I put on some music in the bedroom thinking that might provide a gentle wake up. By 12:15, she was still not up, so I reminded her of her appointment and that I wanted to make sure she got lunch first. That did the trick. She was up, but she didn’t move any more quickly than usual.

We went to Panera since it is close to both home and the spa. We arrived there at 1:25. I decided to save time by just getting her a muffin that she would be able to start eating right away while they prepared a sandwich and salad for me. I got sliced apples with my order so that she could have them. By the time we both finished what I had gotten, it was time to leave. We arrived at the spa at 1:59. I was glad that I never really had to push her. As she was getting dressed, I explained that we would have very little time for lunch and that she needed to get dressed if we were to eat at all. She responded very calmly and never changed her speed.

Earlier this morning, I sent an update on the patient portal for her doctor’s medical practice. Kate has a 1:45 appointment with him on Thursday. I conveyed the change in her sleeping habits although I am not expecting him to make any changes in her prescriptions. I definitely don’t want her to go back on Trazadone. That would probably exacerbate the problem. I hesitate to call this a problem, but it is a bit of one for me. It would be nice if I had a better idea of when she is going to get up. I had thought I was pretty safe making appointment for 2:00. Now it looks like that may be a little too early.

More than that, I think I am bothered by its altering my schedule. Since I get up early, I am ready to eat about 11:30 or noon. Waiting until 1:30 or 2:00 means we don’t have much time between lunch and dinner. That, too, is my problem. Kate is not at all affected by this. If this is something that becomes a regular pattern, I will probably make sure that I have something at home to tide me over until she can get up. Adapting to change is not something new. It will work out.