There ARE humorous moments.

In the car on the way to lunch today, Kate said, “What city is this?” I said, “Knoxville, Tennessee.” A couple of minutes later, she asked again. I said, “Knoxville, Tennessee, where we have lived for 47 years.” She was surprised as she always is when I tell her this. She said, “I guess that means I’m old.” Though I am only six months older than she, I said, “Think about me. I’m 78.” With a smile on her face she quickly responded, “Well, you’re ancient.” She still has her sense of humor.

While we were at lunch, she asked me at least three more times where we were. One of those times was immediately after I had told her. A similar thing happened on the way home after lunch. She asked me to tell her my full name. Right after I said it, she said, “Say it again.” I did and then asked her to say it. She got the first name but was stumped on my middle and last names. She didn’t express any frustration. She just laughed. I laughed with her. Of course, it’s really sad, but it feels good to laugh, especially when she initiates it.

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