Still Enjoying Musical Theater

Kate’s memory continues to disappear, but we are still enjoying some of the things that have been important to us throughout our marriage. One of those is attending live performances. Her enthusiasm for some things has lessened during the time we have lived with Alzheimer’s, but we both get a boost when we attend most musical events.

This past Sunday afternoon we attended Hairspray at one of our local theaters. We had originally seen it on Broadway and liked it. That made me wonder if we would feel the same about a local production. I had no need to worry. It was outstanding. Each time we attend an event like this, I also wonder how Kate will enjoy it. At some point, I know she won’t. We haven’t reached that point yet. I hope it is a long way off.

By chance, we sat next to a couple that we see at three different restaurants we frequent. We arrived early enough to get a little better acquainted with them. What began as a musical experience also became a social occasion. It was a banner day for us. Experiences like this go a long way in helping us to maintain a positive outlook about life.